Find your Album Art with BLISS

My music collection is on the Computer now. Grown over years, it’s a collection of all sorts of music, ripped with EAC and that means no Album Covers. And as I’m very lazy, I never found the time (and the motivation) to sit down for hours and search for Album Covers on the net.

Good decision, because now there is a program that does it for me automatically. It’s called BLISS and it’s more or less free – at least for the first 500 fixes. The program runs on JAVA, so make sure your computer got it (also for the browser). Once it’s running, it searches your music collection and finds most missing covers. The user interface is a bit rough, but to me it looks that the program is at the beginning and will grow in the future. Runs on LINUX and Windows, but a MAC version is coming.

Now I need another program that streamlines my folder structure and corrects errors automatically. Let me know if you know one.

Wolfgang’s Vault

Hey, no worry, I’m not talking about the latest software release of Wolfgang Klippel’s measurement system.! This is the music section 😉

Wolfgang’s Fault
is a website with a lot of really nice live music. You can listen to if for free after registering or buy mp3 and Flac files for permanent download. It’s really fun! I spend two hours listening to some Sorry Terry & Brownie McGhee and Allman Brothers tracks after I saw it first. Sound quality is not bad at all 🙂

I found this information on Audioplus – thanks Steve!