Meet the Team

Core team:

  • Karl-Heinz Fink: System Engineering,Car tuning

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  • Markus Strunk:Our  Vibration specialist and Master of the Laser Scanner. Works on cabinet improvements  and runs a research program for better constructions of future cabinets. He is als a HiFi nut and collector of Vintage loudspeakers. His latest passion is everything about headphones.


  • Norbert Theisges: Does most acoustic measurements and is our specialist for everything made from wood.  Works on cabinet construction as well. Started to make guitars as well.
  • Shauk Muntaha Murshid Khan:Not longer our youngest member of the engineering team. He does a lot of number crunching,works closely with Markus and does mainly simulations work on cabinets and sound tuning software for Car Audio. He does now also  drive unit design
  • shauk


  • Robert Schermann:Drawing specialist,mechanical engineering
  • Benrd Röckert: Wood specialist and production of FINKTEAM Speakers


  • Vasileios Boudourakis: Our latest catch form Greece. Drive unit development and simulation



  • Walter Fuchs:Acoustical engineering, Analog electronic,measurement specialist and serious listener. Knows everything about red wine and turntables.



  • Alpha Miao:Our Chinese member,located in Shenzhen China,acoustical engineering,production engineering. What would we do without him??



  • Elke Fink: Logistic and office organization



External specialists we like to work with –they do not 100% belong to us,but like to work with them


  • Stephen Harris: Runs the company AudioPlus in UK and is PR and Marketing specialist. Very good listener as well.



  • Kieron Dunk: Our favourite industrial designer. We have a long history together,going back to the old days of MISSION and still alive with the work we do together for Q-ACOUSTIC. He is always trying to stretch boundaries and his designs are always special. Can be reached at: