OK,late again with updates:-(

Last time I promised to write more –unfortunately it did not work out. Too much work and not enough time.

A lot happened –new people,new equipment and new customers.

I’ll report about the new people soon and add them to the list and I’ll also report about the new Klippel Scanning Laser we got recently. Now we have two Scanner systems:The Polytec and the Klippel.
The Polytec is much faster,but does not allow to get dimensions out of the Scan. The Klippel system exports dimensions –a useful feature to get cone shapes and surround shapes out of a drive unit without taking it apart. The Klippel also gives us some nice loudspeaker specific results. It still does not tell you what to do next,but at least you have a chance to get information what moving part does what. It shows directivity just from the scan,tells you what parts adds to the output and what parts does not and yes,it shows you the response curve you can expect. Very impressive.

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