Wolfgang’s Vault

Hey,no worry,I’m not talking about the latest software release of Wolfgang Klippel’s measurement system.! This is the music section 😉 Wolfgang’s Fault is a website with a lot of really nice live music. You can listen to if for free after registering or buy mp3 and Flac files for permanent download. It’s really . . . →Read More:Wolfgang’s Vault

Speakers in the Flash

One of the most powerful tools to test drive units is a Scanning Laser Vibrometer. It’s not new in loudspeaker design –CELESTION in the UK started already in the early 80th with it,but in that time it took ages to finish one driver.

Now you need half an hour for it with the . . . →Read More:Speakers in the Flash

Drive Unit testing

Let us test your drive units. We tell you how good they are and we know how to make them better. Promised.

Analyzing is a big part of our business. We therefore have a lot of special equipment available for testing purpose.

Klippel Analyzer for Transfer function measurement in anechoic chamber Klippel Analyzer for testing . . . →Read More:Drive Unit testing

Hallo HiFi World

Welcome to our new webpage that we created to give you some information of what we do in our company. Enjoy –but be careful,it’s always somewhat BETA

Best regards

Karl-Heinz Fink