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Fink Audio Consulting was established more than 30 years ago. In all those years a lot of loudspeakers have been designed for  major HiFi, Muiltimedia, CarAudio  and ProAudio companies all over the world. Consulting means working hidden in the background, so don’t expect to see big names here. But we did a lot of them and still do.

In the early days it was just system engineering, but today it’s also serious drive unit construction, based on modern FE/BE Analysis and modern measurement equipment like Klippel Analyzer and Polytec Scanning Vibrometer.

Since a while, we also started designing turntables – no wonder, it’s the same set of problems with Micro Vibrations – just on the other end of the music chain. We do tonearms, suspension systems and motor drive systems.

But still our heart beats for the music, so on top of all measurements and engineering work, it’s the musical performance that counts and that is what we are looking for.

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