Meet the Team

Core team:

Karl-Heinz Fink: System Engineering, Car tuning

Markus Strunk: Our  Vibration specialist and Master of the Laser Scanner. Works on cabinet improvements and runs a research program for better constructions of future cabinets. He is also a HiFi nut and collector of Vintage loudspeakers. His latest passion is everything about headphones.
Norbert Theisges: Master Carpenter and production specialist. Plays bass guitar, part of our listening and acoustic engineering team.

Regine Witte: Takes care about administration and logistics in our team.

Mohsen Pazhuhande: Mechanical engineer, construction and CAD specialist. Master of the 3D-Printer.

Alpha Miao: Our Chinese team member, located in Shenzhen China, acoustical engineering, production engineering. What would we do without him?


Volker Wischniowski: Head of electronic development. Senior chief engineer. Our best organized engineer in the team.

Jürgen Bredendiek: Engineer, our crossover expert and layout artist. Loves to DIY his own speakers.