New website coming soon

Finally,I gave up to do the website myself. Too much to do and not enough time. After I saw what can be done with our FinkTeam site,  I have to say,  other people are better and so I stick to my speakers.


Website back online

after our website got badly hacked,we had to take it off and clean it. I found 15 infected files….and I thought only important websites get hacked.

On one domain,we had 8000 (!) html files with all sort of crap on!

Now all software is up to date and a protection system got installed . . . →Read More:Website back online

Tuning cabinet vibrations in a real world speaker

It’s not a secret that dealing with cabinet vibrations is a big thing here at Fink Audio-Consulting. Now that everybody managed to make the speaker drivers better and better,cabinet vibrations are a lot easier to detect. The “nice”masking effect of IM and harmonic distortion is not longer there,so we are able to . . . →Read More:Tuning cabinet vibrations in a real world speaker

KLIPPEL Laser Scanner

In addition to our POLYTEC Laser Scanner,we got the Klippel Laser Scanner recently. Why? Well,the Klippel device uses a Triangulation Laser and can output dimensions. It also couples the measurements to the surrounding air and allows to predict SPL including directivity –with a simple click only.

Here is what you get as . . . →Read More:KLIPPEL Laser Scanner

OK,late again with updates:-(

Last time I promised to write more –unfortunately it did not work out. Too much work and not enough time.

A lot happened –new people,new equipment and new customers.

I’ll report about the new people soon and add them to the list and I’ll also report about the new Klippel Scanning Laser . . . →Read More:OK,late again with updates 🙁

Effect of Thermal Compression in real world subwoofers

Whenever we at FAC design a subwoofer,we test after finishing the equalizing what the loudspeaker does at higher levels. The best method is to do a compression measurement. During this measurement,the input level of the subwoofer is increased and we check if the output level changes follows

A subwoofer after filtering

If . . . →Read More:Effect of Thermal Compression in real world subwoofers

Stitching together nearfield and farfield loudspeaker measurements –Part 1

Nearly everybody in our industry knows the AES article about nearfield measurements of Don B. Keele introduced in 1974. In his article,he described a way to make a nearfield measurement of a speaker and he compared it with the farfield response of the same speaker. He came to the following conclusion:Based on that . . . →Read More:Stitching together nearfield and farfield loudspeaker measurements –Part 1


Carsten Hicking of DigitalHighend published a page with links of websites for High-Resolution Audio downloads. Please support him if you find more and let him know,so the page can be updated. HighResDownload

On the left the company dog of DigitalHighend 🙂

See you in Munich


if you would like to meet us,you have a chance during the High-End show in Munich. The show starts on the 21st and ends on the 24th.

Here are some details:HighendSociety

You will find us at the Thorens booth,showing the new Thorens turntable.

So,see you in Munich!

. . . →Read More:See you in Munich

Swinging Tonearm

During the development of the new tonearm for a Swiss client,we had to think about a new method to measure the resonances in a tonearm tube. The literature and the Internet did not help us a lot. Black Art,Voodo,all sorts of different philosophies,but no real engineering approach. At the end,we . . . →Read More:Swinging Tonearm