Drive Unit testing

Let us test your drive units. We tell you how good they are and we know how to make them better. Promised.

Analyzing is a big part of our business. WeĀ thereforeĀ have a lot of special equipment available for testing purpose.

  • Klippel Analyzer for Transfer functionĀ measurementĀ inĀ anechoicĀ chamber
  • Klippel Analyzer for testing dynamic behaviour and static parameters
  • Polytec Scanning Vibrometer to monitor cone and surround movement

Once we have analyzed the driver, we can help to optimize it by:

  • Designing a new magnet system, using latest simulation methods made by powerful commercial and homemade software
  • Developing new soft parts like Cones, Surrounds and Spiders with modern FE/BE simulation. Material property can be measured at our place.
  • Performing listening tests, done by very experienced engineers and music lovers.

Interested? Give it a try. The first driver test is on us šŸ™‚

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