KLIPPEL Laser Scanner

In addition to our POLYTEC Laser Scanner, we got the Klippel Laser Scanner recently. Why? Well, the Klippel device uses a Triangulation Laser and can output dimensions. It also couples the measurements to the surrounding air and allows to predict SPL including directivity – with a simple click only.

Here is what you get as animated picture:

Moving cone at 4347Hz


You can also have a look at the profile and here it’s easy to spot the cone/surround junction to be the area to work on:

Cone profile at 4347Hz

A really nice feature is the option to separate the part of the cone that vibrates in phase and the part that is not in phase and of course the result of both. This option really helps to understand a response curve of a speaker:



Last,but no least it is possible to show radial modes and circular  modes in different animations. Below is the circular mode of the driver. As you can see, there is a little bit of a Rocking Mode visible:













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